The Rule of these Proportions…

 The Rule of these Proportions is best gathered from those Things in which we find Nature herself to be most complete and admirable; and indeed I am every day more and more convinced of the Truth of Pythagoras`s Saying, that Nature is sure to act consistently, and with a constant Analogy in all her Operations: From whence I conclude that the same Numbers, by means of which the Agreement of Sounds affects our Ears with Delight, are the very same which please our Eyes and Mind. We shall therefore borrow all our Rules for the Finishing our Proportions, from the Musicians, who are the greatest Masters of this Sort of Numbers, and from those particular Things wherein Nature shows herself most excellent and complete.

Leon Battista Alberti (1407-1472).

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Agnes Del Comune

Architect, interested in arts and the creative process, along with music.

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